Do you want to get back on track with your health goals?

Eat right without the meal plan or cleanse?
Achieve your fitness goals? 
Change your health through functional nutrition?

Dietitian Approved Nutrition, LLC, owned and operated by Jessica McAllister, Registered Dietitian/Health Educator, provides quality nutrition services to the Greater Indianapolis area.

As a result of working with Jessica, clients have achieved their weight loss goals, developed and mastered healthy habits and lifestyle changes and transformed their nutrition status without following rigid meal plans or other "fad" diets!

     Whether you're looking for personalized counseling for dietary changes or a nutrition expert for your event, Dietitian Approved Nutrition is able to meet your needs through custom services.  Please contact us today to discuss how we can serve you!

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What do her clients have to say?

“I asked Jessica to help me jump start my weight loss journey.  I found her to be very professional and organized.  Her approach is very practical and she incorporates the individual's lifestyle into their plan.  I'm a busy working mother who isn't always able to cook every meal so she included easy prep meals into my plan.  In the end I was able to lose quite a bit of weight and I still use her plan even after three years when I need to slim down.  I would recommend her services to anyone!”

— Crystal M.

“What can I say about Jessica McAllister, word...professionalism!  Although we are good friends, she does a good job with separating friendship from professional advice.  But what I truly love about Jessica the Dietitian is that she is very realistic.  Sometimes dietitians can give you advice knowing your lifestyle and expect unrealistic changes.  However, Jessica tries to work within the now.  She'll help me set goals which are more realistic to my daily life knowing that change can happen!”

— Bonnie W.



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